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Fiction Writing


Jerry’s 2023 discussion with Robert Vartabedian about his novel, “The Shadows of 1915.” The event was sponsored by the Armenian Studies Program at CSU-Fresno and the Armenian Museum of Fresno.


All Things Armenian – Episode 32 – Dr. Jerry Burger in All Things Armenian (

Jerry is interviewed by Barlow Der Mugrdechian, Coordinator of the Armenian Studies Program at CSU-Fresno, about his novel, “The Shadows of 1915.”

Social Psychology


ABC News Primetime Basic Instincts 5: The Milgram Experiment Re-Visited – University of Illinois Springfield | Media Hub (

2007 ABC News “Primetime” broadcast devoted to Jerry’s replication of Milgram’s famous obedience studies.

How Evil Are You? – YouTube (sample)
How Evil Are You? – YouTube (buy full video)

2011 Discovery Channel documentary, “How Evil Are You?” Working with movie producer and director Eli Roth, Jerry recreates a version of his obedience research.

Watch Don’t Pick Up the Phone | Netflix Official Site

Jerry is interviewed in Episode 2 of this 2022 documentary about the psychological reasons for obedience in the McDonald’s hoax case.


“Philosophy Talk” Humanity Violated (Podcast Episode 2014) – IMDb

Jerry discusses the psychology behind obedience in this 2014 “Philosophy Talk” episode titled “Humanity Violated.”

Jerry is interviewed in this 2023 “Shaping Opinion” podcast by journalist Tim O’Brien. They discuss the psychology behind obedience and Jerry’s replication of Milgram’s obedience studies.